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Grab was founded in 2012 when few friends were enjoying the tea together and then one of them click the idea in the mind and they started to implemented that idea and they know the obstacle that how difficult is to tackle any taxi for the ride and they start thinking for the ideas and they kept implementing them and they easily succeeded into this thing and they solve the problem and did something uncommon.

Grab was transformed into the big things and they make the south Asia a better place for traveling.

Today, Grab is a Singapore-based technology company and they have represented themselves in eight other regions. Countless people rely on the services of it and many of the use Grab services on the daily basis.

They have shown the respect to all of the customers and they are trying them to move forward in one direction so that it could be more hassle free for the people.

Grab always understand your need and try to progress in that directions by keeping your needs in front of that thing, it is the most fastest growing network which is spread all over Singapore, this is the reason that most of the people stop at getting the ride.

Safe Transportation through Grab

You always deserve the safest transportation and Grab gives the platform through which you can get that thing more easily, they are working many years and you can trust them through the reviews of the people, it is also safe enough to trust your mothers, sisters, and daughter to use it and for that thing Grab have implemented these measures:


Grab have ensure that thing as every vehicle and driver are screened upon registration and they keep the track record of it through which it can be easily identified the data of the driver and vehicle as well and they have also set the star rating through which people can evaluate the performance of the drivers and they are letting this thing more secure for your family to travel it alone.

Training and Code of Conduct

Grab always to improve the training system and code of conduct continually and Grab are letting this happen to ensure you the high level of service. You may go through the code of conduct and training is done on the daily basis or when the driver is appointed for the job.

Safety Features

Grab have launched the “Share Your Ride” feature in the transport industry through which the safety are measures more properly and they are always innovating themselves for the safety of every customers. This is the good thing which you can’t see in any other transport service providers.

Insurance 24/7 Support

Grab can cover you up with the additional personal accident coverage and they have proper guidelines for this thing. You can also call the customer support of Grab as they are available 24/7 for your support and they have the emergency response teams who will look after your concerns and will reflect back effectively.

Every Individual could have the access to transportation

Transportation is the right not the privilege which is supported by the people and it is the betterment of the people that they can easily get the transport for their need and they can eventually move from one destination to another more effectively. That’s why Grab have worked hard to make that thing possible for the people and for that they have created the platform through which the transportation services can easily be availed and it may also cater your need and it will be regardless of income, age or some special needs, these all things are covered more properly by the Grab.

You may easily choice the ride which suits you best, whether you need car, taxi, bikes or other vehicles so Grab can give you such services and all these rides are fairly priced, so you don’t have to worry about the price as it will fits your budget and you can have one for your every need.

Grab thinks that door to door transportation services should be more affordable for the people and it should be same for everyone. So that people could have the ride on the daily basis and it will be good for the people having such affordability factor included into it.

Someone having the special need can meet up the requirement of this service providers. Whether you want to book Grab for going to work in the morning or getting back home through it, they will help you more for this purpose, you can also use this thing for the night party and when you are heading towards your home at night so Grab is always there to help you in such situations. They always plan to be there for you and their chauffeurs are highly trained and will catch you up in few moments.

Grab drivers are the partners of the companies as they give such respect to them and they don’t call them workers or contractor as they call them the partners of the company as they own the reputation of the company, if they work properly so the company will work more properly. Grab gives the opportunity to every drivers to play a role into it and it gives them a better chance of earning and point the best option of the life. They make sure that they can earn proper profit through this service and it will be the driver expense into this thing. It is a financial freedom for every driver which they earn through daily basis and each driver is a partner working for themselves. Grab make sure that each and every driver is well trained and they also held some training classes for them so that they can earn more through the services of Grab. They give the privilege to every driver to be a part of it and play some vital role into this thing.





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