Land Transport Authority Singapore

The Land Transport Authority Singapore is a constitutional board which comes under the Ministry of Transport of Government of Singapore. It focus on the development, operation and maintenance of Singapore’s land transport infrastructure and systems which relay on it and it take action as well.

It also communicates the plans of the support building of land transport system which can be done in the organize way, they also manage the welfare schemes which is formulated more properly. It also focus on the system integration and the technical design in which the details of the roads, tunnels, pedestrian bridges and some other structures.


The Land Transport Authority Singapore also formulate the implementation of e-transformation strategies, techniques and development of this task and they take the proper initiatives of this task. It may also circulate the planning and analyst the proper plan to develop Singapore’s medium and long term transportation system and needs and they can also construct the new Mass Rapid Transit System (SMRT) projects are done in the supervision of the authority.


The authority also manages the infrastructure of roads projects, manages and maintains the structure and facilities of the roads. Land Transport Authority Singaporealso conducts the safety reviews so that they can easily overcome any type of situation more easily.


They also make the policies which are related to vehicle ownership and usage control in which the safety barriers are enforced to them and they can easily regulate the public transport services.


They also exhibit the Electronic Road Pricing system in which the electronic parking system is done and transit ticketing services of Singapore is also discussed. The transport authority was founded in 1995 and it is based in Singapore and it was launched by prime minister.

It was launched to meet the increasing numbers of commuters in Singapore as Land Transport Authority Singapore laws and policies were changed over time.


The Mass Rapid Transit system (SMRT) is responsible by the LTA and they look after this project and they also look for the development of the rail network. They are also aiming to double the rail network in 2030 through that it can be more progressive and they have also increased the length of the rail network from 138 KM to 180 KM and for that they have also done the opening of the Boon Lay Extensions in 2009.

Well the other lines like Downtown, Thomson East Coast line are under the completion process and they will be completed very soon through which the rail network will be expanded and Cross Island Line and Jurong Region Line are under planning process by the Land Transport Authority Singapore.

They are also trying to installed the Half-height platform screen doors in 36 elevated stations in 2012 and through that they can easily overcome the safety of passengers and they will not face any difficulties in this thing and through this thing they can also control the delays in train services from track interventions. They have also installed the elevated stations of HVLS fans which was also started in 2012.

This year there are updating the works and many of the works are underway for all the stations and existing train lines and this is the mega addition to it as they work is going too much fast for it which is the good thing done by Land Transport Authority Singapore.

They are also developing railways sleepers, re-signaling and third rails as well and they are also implementing Wi-Fi, noise barriers, escalator announcements and care zone and they are installing the CCTV cameras on all portals.


In 2009 they played a major role in the central bus network planner by Land Transport Authority Singapore and they are also trying to work with the communities in which the bus operators, SBS Transit (SBS) and SMRT Buses and they are identifying the places for the bus improvement and to shift that thing in the Centre and this approach is best for the bus network and Land Transport Authority Singapore is also considering the development in the Rapid Transit System (RTS) network and the infrastructure of transport.

These all changes are done in the monthly process in which it can be easily done and this thing was brought through Bus Services Enhancement Programed. Now, 80 new services are being introduced and 1000 buses are also added over the time.

Quality of service standards are also been introduced so that they can reduced the waiting time and they can also control the crowding. Now, they can easily run this thing through the loads time and every 10 minutes this thing happens and it can also control the peak hours.

Road Projects

Land Transport Authority Singapore invested in the road projects through that the economy will easily support with a strong and improving transport infrastructure and they can also have the proper communication system in which they can help the motorist to enjoy a safer and more pleasant journey towards their destinations. This type of projects also ensure the Parking Guidance System in the city and drivers will be aware about the nearest parking facility which will be available with the proper parking spaces, it will also reduce the need of the vehicle and they can cruise around the empty parking spaces.

Land Transport Authority Singaporeis doing proper investment in road projects through this investment they can also expand the EMAS signage’s with the old ones.

They have also implemented the many new road engineering measures for the road safety, such as adding the pedestrian bridges, crossing lines, traffic calming markings and these all things were done in 2009.

Speed Cameras

They have also introduced the electronic signs which display the speed of passing vehicle and through this the motorist will be aware of their speeds and will try to keep the vehicle in the speed limit and through this the accident will not happen in such cases. Land Transport Authority Singapore also installed the roads studs through that they could know about the crossing pedestrians and they could easily stop there.





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