Ministry Of Transport Singapore

The Ministry Of Transport Singapore comes under the supervision of the ministry in the Government of Singapore that administers and regulates the land, sea, air transportation according to the laws and regulations and within the republic’s jurisdiction. They try to oversee the development and regulation of the sections which are mention below:

  • Civil Aviation and Air Transport
  • Land Transport
  • Maritime and ports

Ministry Of Transport Singapore main focus is to make the proper policies and to facilitate the outcome in the transport arena in most proper way and through they can contribute the Singapore’s national competitiveness and they can also raise the quality of life in Singapore. While they are totally responsible for the setting of the policies, implementation of the policies and the day to day operations are also handled by the statutory board. They also oversee the air accident investigation bureau of Singapore.

The main focus of Ministry of Transport Singapore is to make the cost most efficient and efficient for the transportation and through this they can develop many other things and by following the policies by every individual they can easily make that thing more proper and they have make Singapore an international civil aviation and maritime center for the region. The ministry also have the seven division with the proper strength of staff and there are more than 100 staff who are currently working for it and they all are working for different divisions which are mention above.

Air Transport

The vision of Ministry of Transport Singapore is to be more vibrant air hub center that can easily maintains a high standard of civil aviation and cultivates a wide spectrum of aviation related to business and some other activities and through that thing they can easily maintain everything in it and people could be more facilitate through this thing by bringing some new policies and by implementing them as well.

Aviation Hub

The air traffic has been increased on the daily basis in the Asia-Pacific region and it has become the fastest in the world. Singapore is located at the heart of the region and its growth potential is placed more accurately through which the aviation-related activities like air cargo, maintenance, repair and some other services and aircraft manufacturing can easily be done through this thing.

The Ministry of Transport Singapore aims to connect with the rest of the world with its geographical location, they have also started the world class infrastructure and regulatory environment to enhance the things more properly. This way they can also attract the international player in Singapore for the growth of the aviation ecosystem.

International Civil Aviation

In 1966 Singapore is the part of the international civil aviation, through this thing they have built up the competencies and get the more expertise in various aspects of civil aviation management system and they are likely to contribute to the world wide community on many things of aviation matters.

Air Traffic Management

For the advancement of Air Traffic managements initiatives, Ministry of Transport Singapore have played a vital role in and they have done the proper advancement of it and they have also introduced the air technology and process of this kind. The navigation planning and implementation have surpassed everything and they have become the key member of APANPIRG sub-groups where they can easily work with cooperation with states and some other region for the restructure airways, improve airway capacities and enhance safety monitoring services.

Land Transport

The main vision of Ministry of Transport Singapore is to enhance more work towards the land transportation system so that they can meet the diverse need of an inclusive, livable and vibrant global city and people can easily get the land transport and they can easily get through it. Singapore is among the most in which the populated is densely and the population is increasing day by day so by increasing number of the population they have to meet the basic need of transportation and it is the most challenging thing for which they have to overcome it and they also have to constraints the physical space of it.

To meet the basic needs of today so for that Ministry of Transport Singapore are developing the efficient and most effective transport system for their people that move will move them into the future for that they have established three approach.

Public Transport

For meeting the demand of future they have make the transport more efficient and to pour the space of higher proportion of the travel needs which they will try to meet by public transport system. It is the best choice mode for the Singaporeans.

They are increasing the land transport by 2030 and they are going to meet the public transport in the peak hours.

They are also enhancing the public transport system in most elegant ways. They are enhancing the public transport system and making it more attractive to Singaporeans and viable alternative to the car.


Road transport is optimize thoroughly on the policies which are declined by Ministry of Transport Singaporeand they are also making the innovative technologies for this thing. They are avoiding the congestion and keeping the vehicle population at levels supportable by the road infrastructure and they have also introduced the strict policies to limit the vehicle ownership and usage of it.

For the road operations they have also leverage the technology through that they can overcome any situation and they have also optimized the road capacity and provide general information on road conditions.


For the betterment of everything and in line with social and demographic changes Ministry of Transport Singapore have implemented proper initiatives to provide better access for the elderly, wheelchair users and family with younger children’s. These contributions are also much more important for our society.

The MRT stations available for the elderly and for the disable person as they can travel more freely into it. They have the barrier free route for them in which the lift is used and the guidance system and wheelchair accessible toilets are also available for them.

They have installed the proper ramps and some additional lifts to it and it was the mega challenge for the Ministry of Transport Singapore to meet that thing more properly.





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