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The National Private Hire Vehicles Association aka NPHVA are trying to make things more proper for the people in which they are trying to make things generic and static for this kind and they have also inked its first industry partnership with Southeast Asia’s and they are considered to be the first leading company of ride-hailing and they are trying to prove a specific gestures to this thing in which they will try to sum up all the things more properly and they are trying to focus on private hire vehicle drivers so that they could have a proper interest into this thing.

Memorandum-of-Understanding (MOU)

National Private Hire Vehicles Association have make the things more effective for the private hire drivers so that they may get the proper income out of it and they are also partner shipping with Grab and they have announce this thing officially to the task of it. They have also sign the Memorandum-of-Understanding (MOU) and in this ceremony they have sign this thing which took place at the Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability. National Private Hire Vehicles Association have undergo many things with MOU which are as follows:

  • Grabs will try to support for the independent high performance drivers who are putting their efforts in full-time job and they are interested in becoming the members of NPHVA and the time duration is of six months.
  • There are some marketing, outreach and recruitment activities as well.

Taking Better Care of Drivers

This collaboration was added by marking the starts of regular dialogues between NPHVA and Grab and they are taking care of the drivers in order to facilitate them operationally and they may also solve the driver related queries on the ground, National Private Hire Vehicles Association are also looking for the driver centric activities and how to get rid of this thing they are planning accordingly and they are also promoting the driving as a viable income source and it will help drivers maintain a sustainable driving business and it will be good for the drivers as bringing many new reforms into this matter and by having such things they can have a good earnings for living.


The key highlight of the formation is that they may bring some new plans for the drivers and they may also set the proper standards for it and Grab can also support National Private Hire Vehicles Association branch. NPHVA will have to work with the Grab driver communities so that they can easily nominate and identify the suitable drivers for every task and they can be easily added to the branch committee and the purpose for this thing is to represent better and the unique needs of such drivers.


The branch formation was the biggest task which they have to do it and if there are any concerns regarding this thing so they may easily solved that thing and it could be easy for them to justify the all modes. National Private Hire Vehicles Association will serve the voice of Grab Drivers, they can easily raise the individual concerns and the issues which arises with Grab and they may find the proper way of it.

NPHVA will also facilitate the two way feedback system between Grab and their drivers so that they may easily know the general concerns of the drivers and they can easily listen to it and find the proper way out to it. Through this collaborative and bringing the feedback things they can engage them self and allow the nature of both Grab and drivers to hear and understand them as well and they may also consider the problems and can make the stronger bond between this thing.

National Private Hire Vehicles Association executive adviser said, “Grab always try to understand the system of transport which is held at Singapore, the understanding was assured on the both company and labor movement can work together and by working together they may have a mutually beneficial partnership. Grab also supports the NPHVA efforts and encourage the drivers to join the community, and they also give the sponsorship for drivers who are interested in continuing the membership of the association.

They are also providing many other things in which they could maintain the relationship. Grab has also agreed to regular engagement with the National Private Hire Vehicles Association branch committee so that they can hear the concerns of the drivers which are raised through the shape of feedback.”

Driver’s Sustainability Programme

The driver’s sustainability programme which has been launched by Grab seeks to cut the operating cost in which they will have the profit and they can easily increase the bookings of drivers. The programme also include many further things in which it includes the fuel discount initiative which allows the driver to enjoy the competitive fuel discount and they can save through this process as well.

Group Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

National Private Hire Vehicles Association and Grab have also added the “Passenger Finder” features into this thing in which the drivers can easily find the passenger and they may also get the alerts through the text messages, they are also providing the Group Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) for all the drivers and their passengers as well, in which they will have the proper safety plans and they can recover through the insurance plans which is the good thing to see. This PAI policy also offers the coverage on top of commercial motor insurance as well in which they can simulate the things more properly and these events are describe for the accidental death, permanent dismemberment and injuries as well.

Labor Movement

National Private Hire Vehicles Association are also tapping the labor movement network and they are providing this facilities to many workers and they may cover that thing more properly, they are also facilitating many other mature workers who may have some time on their hands or any other activities which is prescribe to it and they are working harder to improving the association so that the drivers could get the right amount of benefits through this thing and they will also evaluate of every drivers. National Private Hire Vehicles Association will also roll some activities of the drivers.





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