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National Taxi Association Singapore is the association which is for all taxi drivers in Singapore. This association was founded in 26 June 2010 and the formation was due to the six company-based taxi operators association who came together to form this association and they were name Comfort Taxi Operators’ Association (CTOA), CityCab Operators’ Association (CCOA), Premier Taxi Operators’ Association (PTOA), SmartCab Operators’ Association (SCOA), SMRT Taxi Operators’ Association (STOA) and TransCab Operators’ Association (TCOA) and these all companies have work together to find National Taxi Association Singapore (NTA).

The report said that they National Taxi Association Singapore (NTA) has currently more than 20,000 members who are working and giving their best output for this association and they are willing to expand this thing in future. The main objective of NTA is to be the collective voice for Taxi Drivers in Singapore and it was collected so that they can enhance the social and economic well-being.

The Chinese Character of the six strokes pronounce her which recommends the six taxi association are working together as one and through that they have reform National Taxi Association Singapore and they all come together to find the harmony of it.

National Taxi Association Singapore suggests flexi-rental model for drivers, new training and more smart features

The NTA has the own ways for the standardized taxi fitted with some technologies and some smart features in this thing in more proper ways and these could work with this associations. These suggestions were made by NTA at a Chinese New Year at Changi Airport on Feb 16. The main purpose of the proposal was to help the taxi drivers “Stay ahead of the game” and they have also launched the map with the response of Land Transport Industry, in which they would know about the about the proper address of everything which they want to know and through that they can reach the destination more easily.

The National Taxi Association Singapore executive advisor Ang Hin Kee said, “On our end we have done many transformation and we want to see something from the taxi driver end and want to know the point of view of them and we are hoping to see some more transformation in the vehicle which they try to drive it”

There are many elderly in the Singapore and they are hoping that all the vehicle in the future will be elderly friendly and wheelchair friendly so that they can easily travel through the vehicle and they can easily get into it, so for that purpose they are transforming the vehicles more generally. During the visit by many high authorities’ people, 1000 taxi drivers and airport staffs were gifted by National Taxi Association Singapore and the minister also joined the taxi drivers in their Chinese New Year which was the best compliment given to taxi drivers through that they will be more motivated towards their work and they will try to put some more efforts in the taxi transformation which will be the best thing which we have to see.

Mr Ang also added: “I think there are many areas in which we have to work more properly so that we can easily transform the vehicle according to our needs and through that the consumer will have the best experience in the future, when they will try to book our taxi services.”

The National Taxi Association Singapore said that they have to think broader in this aspect and the ride service have to move beyond the model of the current operations through this they can easily develop the new constructive model in more proper ways. It also noted that since the app service booking of the taxi services has been launched in the market for this perspective NTA has been giving advice to Government and Taxi industry stakeholders to work with the driver in such environment in which they can easily adapt the upcoming challenges and competition which has been evolved around.

It can also be more beneficial in the way the taxi vehicles are rented and it could be profitable for them. The National Taxi Association Singapore have quoted that the rental model would be remain same as 30 years ago it was, in which the driver take on the full charge of renting a taxi on a 24-hour basis.

“Persuasively, most of the driver just try to ride a vehicle for 14 hours and they just try to use the car in such time period and after that vehicle is left idle and there is no use of it and some of the driver struggles to have some relief and for that mostly drivers don’t drive a car but they have to cover the rental cost of it” the National Taxi Association Singapore said.

In other cases in which the driver get sick so in that period the driver are still liable for rental payment even when they are resting all days or having some problems.

In this the most resultants that the taxi operators could be willing to have some flexible vehicle arrangements, in which the taxi driver optimize the usage of their vehicles and  by the proper optimization it could be easily judge the proper mileage of the vehicles.

The possibility of having a common fleet management in which the standard are maintain which are suggested by National Taxi Association Singapore would help them to features the smart technologies and other enhancements in the vehicle and they can utilize that thing more properly.

Having such features in the vehicle could insured the ability of the driver in which they will try to drive it smarter and safer on the roads of Singapore. As the aging population, all the vehicles should be elderly and wheel-chair friendly through which they can also ride on the vehicle more comfortably. If the entire industry tries to adopt a common fleet, so in this way they could reduce the price and make the maintenance easier for that National Taxi Association Singapore are working harder making the vehicle efficient and easy to drive as well.





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