Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational Licence Singapore

The Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational Licence (PVDL) applicants were open recently just for the drivers so that they can easily apply to it and get the vocational licence so that they can easily drive the private cars for the better earnings.

Test and Courses

Trainees will undergo many test and courses which they have to pass it and there is a combination of classroom coaching and self-study programme and by having the combination of these things.

They can easily acquire the competencies required for a professional chauffeurs and there are many ways through which they can study the course so that they can gain the Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational Licence.

Studying for PVDL

Self-study is the best thing as they can learn many things through this thing or they can ask the instructor about any other fundamentals of this thing so that they may have a proper idea of it.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) require the vocational licence which is acquired by the private hire car drivers so that they can drive on ridesharing platform which has been shared for them in order to gain the success.

Issuing PVDL

Trainees will be issued Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational Licence by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore and this will be issued once they passed all the obstacles, training programme and also pass the prescribed tests.

The trainees of this programme could earn the better earning by passing this exam and they will be able to provide a professional chauffeured car services using a private hire care and it will be licenced by Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore.

As the procedure is difficult one and you have to struggle hard to achieve this landmark and it require proper approach and study to get a success in it as most of the people can’t pass the exams.

Eligibility Criteria & Process

In order to achieve the Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational Licence you should be eligible of having class 3/3A driving licence and it should be valid for the continuous period and it should be at least of two years when you are applying for the vocational driving licence.

Medical Exams

All the applicants should go through the medical examination in which the chest x-ray will be done and many other activities are also involved into it and you can also have the check from any clinics or any certified doctor and they will also do background check as well. The fee of medical is the non-refundable one and you can’t refund it once you have the checkup.

Permanent Residences (PR) and Non Citizen

Those applicants who are applying for Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational Licence and they are not the citizen of Singapore, such as who are the permanent residents of Singapore and those who have the Foreign Work Pass so they must be the employee of the company who are offering chauffeured services in Singapore.

They should have the proper experience of working in the companies and they should also have the licence of driving car and have the proper knowledge of the car and many other things which also mattered in this situation and they have to look for that thing in order to apply for Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational Licence.

The policy for the Singapore citizens is much easier one, the current policy suggest that if they are not driving the car as employee, so that transportation service should be the registered owners of a chauffeured services business. This will no longer required to apply for licence as the citizens of Singapore can apply for PDVL as self-employed driver.

PDVL Course

Land Transport Authority (LTA) will informed the applicants to register themselves for the Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational Licence for the hour they can easily registered them for this programme and this thing will be done through the Singapore Taxi Academy after LTA has received and processed their applications.

Training Hours

In this programme the total training hours are 10 in which the 8 classroom hours with at least 2 self-study hours are also included as you may give the proper amount of time for the revision and better training.

Total Modules

There are total 1 module which is included into the programme and 1 module is 8 classroom hours per day and this is too much for you for the better assessment. They also have the full time course for Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational Licence in which you can participate for 1 day and 8 hour class is held according to it.

Part Time Courses

There is also part time course which is held for the 4 days and you have to give 2 hours per day and this course is for those who can’t manage the time so they can have this course on the daily basis and they will conquered many things through this thing.

The number of trainees are allowed in the class are 20 trainees and it is the minimum number as it can exceed to 25 trainees and it is according to the strength of the course who are willing to participate into it.

Trainees must attend all the lessons and complete the class room exercise which is done in the class in order to achieve Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational Licence or to pass in the test as if you have the class proper so you may easily pass the test.

Course Assessement Programme

The course assessment of this programme consist of two papers in which you have to achieve the milestone and they are as follow:

Paper 1

It will consist of service quality, Health and Safety and you have to complete the test according to the time mention for it.

Paper 2

Private Hire Car Rules and Regulation and all the question will be related to paper no other question will be asked.

It is not easy to get the Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational Licence as you have to do proper amount of hardwork to achieve this thing and you may surpass many exercise for this thing so you may prepare yourself for it.





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