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Whether you need the Sg Maxi Cab or Limousine Services so we have a better solution for you and if you are afraid of having a larger group and you think that you all can’t be adjusted in the cab so you don’t have to worry about it as we have a variety of it and in that variety you can be easily adjusted and we have a better plan for you. Our Maxi Cab and Limousine services are highly appreciated by every customers and they likely to ride with us in any occasion so you can also book your ride with Sg Maxi Cab for the better and comfort rides. We have 13 seater maxi cab which will be perfect for the larger groups and they can easily spread their legs in it and they will feel much comfort in it as we have our standards which will be seen through the attitude of the driver and he will ride you safely towards your destination in a better style. We have professional drivers who have the right experience of riding a Cab and they will deal you in a proper style and you can also tell them your destination and they will ride you in proper time.


If you book our Sg Maxi Cab so we will try to treat you like a real gentleman, once you arrive Singapore then you may experience the best services from the airport to the hotel. We have also registered ourselves with the ACRA (Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority), from the registration it should be cleared to you that we are the most trusted and genuine transportation services of Singapore and we provide you the quality services. We have maintained our reputation by giving this services at the cheapest price to our customers which can’t be found through any other portal or business services.


By having a ride of Sg Maxi Cab you will have the few pick up points on your way, and you can hire our services for hourly rate and these rates are also much more affordable than the others. It will be more convenient for you if you have a proper time frame in your mind and you are in larger group and you don’t want to separate in two vehicle so you can easily hire our 13 seater maxi cab it will be more comfortable for them and there is enough space to seat in it and we have large roof tops and enough space for your luggage and belongings.

With your hourly service of Sg Maxi Cab you can get the Maxi Cab of your own choice and the drivers will be designated towards your location more easily and for that you don’t have to raise any flags towards the driver, he will know that where are you standing. We always try to understand the basic needs of our customers and we always try to understand that what type of services they want and we ask some question in the time of booking to make that thing simpler for our customers.


The Sg Maxi Cab have the efficient transport service, you will get maximum amount of comfort and convenience by having our ride. Our cabs also have the built in ramps which allows wheelchairs and luggage more easily and those who used wheelchair can also be easily ride in it.

We also have the online booking page which has been made easier for the users to book any ride. You can simply visit our site from anywhere, anytime and from any device which you wishes to and it’s the simplest method which we have define for our customers.

Sg Maxi Cab always emphasize on customer satisfaction and for that we always try to give the maximum amount of benefits to our customers. It’s our quality that we take pride in such things which are good for you.

Comfort and Space

Every customers have different requirements and needs and by working on it we have made that thing simple and to cater their needs we always maintain our vehicle from inside and outside as well and the things are clean and check more properly and we have the wide range of choices for the client and they can choose the vehicle as per their needs.

If you are looking for comfy, commodious ride alone, it can be of any reason or if it’s for special date so we recommend you Sg Maxi Cab for it as it will also be good for your family members, friends for outing.

If you are in search of royal, luxurious trip for a special occasion like party, weddings or sightseeing than you can avail our Limousine services.

For the larger group of your family or friends and you need a enough amount space in Cab then the 13 seater Maxi cab can come to rescues and you will gradually like our ride. These all rides are easily comply on your budget and we don’t try to stretch it so that you could enjoy the affordable and cheapest price given by us.

Friendliness and Professionalism Chauffeurs

Sg Maxi Cab will ensure you have the proper environment in the cab as we have the proper team of chauffeurs who will deal you with more friendly and in professional ways as well, so that you can easily rest throughout your ride. You don’t have to worry about the rude, unprofessionalism behavior from our drivers as likely other service providers drivers are not good enough as such as we have it and our driver will not end that thing in sparing a long stories to you.

Quality Service

We just don’t emphasize quality of Sg Maxi Cab we also emphasize on the best customer services which will be seen while riding or booking. Our drivers will make your drive as comfortable as possible as they can and they will always support your needs in more proper way. They will also help you in putting your luggage which others driver don’t do and they will also show you the most historic places of Singapore. We have various quality in providing these types of services we always emphasize on the betterment of every ride and we always get positive response from our customers so if you are looking for a ride then book Sg Maxi Cab.





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