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The Singapore Taxi Academy (STA) has been registered as the charity for the advancement of taxi education. The biggest aim of this academy is to bring the benefits of the training to all the people who are indulged into the chauffeur’s car service industry. They are non-profit education institute which was founded in July 2003. The Land Transport Authority of Singapore has also been authorized by this academy in order to learn, train, test and certify the trainees with proper education and it will also lead them to the issuance of Taxi and Private Hire car vocational License. STA have bring proper advancement in the education in which they can learn many things related to Taxi and they can easily implemented that thing according to the learning of the chauffeur. They offers the courses in which the Singapore Taxi Academy will train and take test and certify taxi drivers via the Taxi Vocational License and Taxi Tourist Guide License Programs.

Course Information For Singapore Academy

If you want to become the licensed chauffer for that you have to undergo many courses and by having such courses you can earn by driving a taxi or private car. Some of the courses information are listed below.

  • Taxi and Private Hire Car Driver's Vocational License Course (TPDVL)
  • Private Hire Car Driver's Vocational License Course (PDVL)
  • Refresher Course
  • Test
  • Medical Check-up
  • Course Schedule

Taxi and Private Hire Car Driver's Vocational License Course (TPDVL)

For the competencies of becoming the professional chauffeurs, trainees have to undergo the classroom coaching and self-study program and they both are the combination in which they trainee have to participate in it. Singapore Taxi Academy insure every possibilities to pass into it.

After completing the course objective they will be issued the Taxi Drivers Vocational License (TDVL) and Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational License (PDVL) and these all license will be issued by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore but for that they have to complete all the training programs and pass all the test which are prescribed to them.

After passing the test they will be able to earn a proper living by providing a professional chauffeur services to the customers and they can use taxi that is license one.

Private Hire Car Driver's Vocational License Course (PDVL)

Singapore Taxi Academy have also launched the Drivers vocational license course in which the trainee have to undergo the same situation which is mentioned above and once they pass all the course so they will awarded the license for it which is not easy task to do. The land transport authority will give the approval letter to attend the vocational license course without the approval you can attend any course. Trainee will also be tested for the medical fitness by the professional doctors and some English courses are also included into it.

Refresher Course

The refresher courses is kept mandatory by Singapore Taxi Academy for all the person who owned the vocational license and the holder of the valid Taxi and Private Hire Car Drivers Vocational license are required:

  • If they want to renew the vocational license so for that they have renew it once every 3 years and you have to revalidate the credentials as well.
  • You have to attend the mandatory refresher course once every 6 years so that you can revalidate the vocational skills and you can learn many things which are currently done for the TDVL and PDVL courses you have to attend it.
  • LTA have also set the criteria in which you have to attend 3 hours mandatory refresher course class and if you are active taxi driver so you have to attend 3 hours class.
  • If you are non-active taxi driver so you have to attend 5 hours class for refresher course.


Most of the people are not aware about the criteria which is kept by Singapore Taxi Academy as all the test are conducted using touch screen tablets, you have to attempt total three papers. Trainee have to pass all the papers which are conducted here and to qualify for the vocational license.

Test Papers:

  • Paper one is held for the service quality, health and safety. There are total 50 MCQ’s and duration is 60 Minutes.
  • Paper two is held for the Rules and Regulation and this also have 50 MCQs and duration is 60 Minutes.
  • Paper three is for the route planning in which 40 MCQ’s is asked and the duration is 60 Minutes.

Medical Examination

Singapore Taxi Academy have kept the medical examination the most necessary thing and the requirements of Vocational License Holders is as follow:

  • Age 50-64: There examination is done every 2 years.
  • Age 65-69: Every year examination
  • Age 70: The fitness test is done for such old ages if they qualifies then the license is offered.
  • Age 71-72: Every year examination is done.

Singapore Taxi Academy have ensure everyone for the medical fitness so that there should not be any problem in these things and for that they have to any clinic for the medical examination with printed medical or assessment forms.

Course Schedule

For the course schedule there is a proper method is define on the website in which they can have the proper timings of the courses and they have mention proper date, type, time, duration and remark as well in which they will also tell you that the class is held on weekend or not.

Singapore Taxi Academy is ensuring every possibilities for their trainees so that they could aware about everything by mentioning the time details on the website is the best thing which we can see it and they are making professional chauffeurs through that they can earn more easily and for that they just have to get the vocational license for driving taxi as it could give the trainee proper awareness about the taxi road sense and many other thing courses which has been launched and they are enhancing themselves more for the professional chauffeurs and we should appreciate the effort of Singapore Taxi Academy.





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