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The Singapore Transport Association was founded in 1819 and they were very prosper to make this association as through this association they are trying to develop the trade and transport industry of this thing in which they will be overcoming all the situation in more proper style.


Many transport companies were founded as there were not any companies who were providing such services. Few smaller companies like Chuan Pu Company, Seng Hong Company and JooHup Company formed the Singapore Transport Association by taking many initiatives for the land transport industry.

They were trying to set the goals through which they are willing to achieve the forging trade ties and generating business opportunities, they can also seek the benefits of this thing in more proper style and through that they can also raise the concern with the government.


In the national info comm awards 2014, Singapore Transport Association performance was evaluated and they were awarded the runner up for the most advanced use of Info comm Technology in all the sectors of transports. The transport associations have bring many new laws for the drivers in which the safety is the priority for them and they are also looking for the safer road – Mobileye. The safer roads can led to many other safety and it will be more comfortable for the travelers to ride a comfortably on it.


Singapore Transport Association are supporting the safer roads industry taskforce and the SPRING Singapore. The association also tried to develop the driver safety framework in which the drivers can drive a car in more safety zones and they have also leveraging on Mobileye advancement.

The driver may assistive technologies to have a proper impact of driver behavior, better driving experience, improve the safety barriers and they can easily boost up the productivity of member companies.

They also provide the education for the good driving behavior, avoiding and eliminating any dangerous driving habits and this was the main motive of the Singapore Transport Association and they are succeeding in it having such policies can decline many other things and will help them to ensure the safe driving for the drivers.

SPRING Supports to Enhance Safety in the Transportation

  • The Mobileye main motive is the enhanced the safety measures for the drivers and to help the companies to reduce downtime and costs by helping to prevent accidents.
  • SPRING Singapore joined with the transport association to form the Mobileye Telematics Advanced Driver Assistance System (so called Mobileye) and they were trying to enhance the 100 transportation and logistics companies and they have succeeded in their tasks and they have fully transformed them in more proper way. The Mobileye is the most advanced system through which the drivers could get the proper awareness of a smart camera which has been mounted on the windshield of the vehicles, this program allows you to monitor road conditions and if the condition is worst so it will warn the driver of certain collisions and will provide you the precautionary safety alerts and this was launched by Singapore Transport Association (STA).
  • When there was a launch event of Mobileye the senior minister of state for the Ministry of Home Affairs said that they “Mobileye is an excellent system for the ground up initiative by STA and which was supported by SPRING Singapore, where the private firms have taken some steps and lead that thing and tried to approach the government to collaborate on a project which was launched to improve the road safety for the drivers and they could know the precautions through this thing. They have also kept the good examples of keeping the creativity on leveraging the technology and that creativity can have a proper influence on the driver behavior and adoptive the better driving practices. I encourage you to make such programs and you may continue to innovate the technology and introduce some more programs in which the road safety is most important thing and you can do that thing within your company.”
  • Mobileye supported by Singapore Transport Association not only warns the driver for imminent collision, it can also provide precautionary safety alerts in which the speed limits will be justified and will tell you the proper speed limit, will also provide the lane departure warnings while some tired drivers try to change their lane and come up to the driving patterns as well. Besides the precautions safety, the system can also collect the data in which it can display the reducing of the accidents and it can save the insurance premiums as well. Mobileye is an essential part of Singapore Transport Association (STA) in which they enhance the driver for the safety and boost the productivity of member companies. The safety framework also introduces the education for the driver so that they can learn the good driving behavior and can avoid any dangerous driving habits.
  • The STA members tries to emphasize on the road safety, for that they have implemented regular vehicle maintenance and they also offers the incentives to encourage the safety driving. They have received the strong response from the safer roads industry taskforce and SPRING Singapore. Singapore Transport Association are hoping that people would likely to adopt such technologies.
  • SPRING Singapore is pleased to support STA for the Mobileye initiative. While increasing challenging in business units, they have to focus on the upgrading their productivity and deliver value to their customers. There is a huge advantages of the assistive driving technologies as they can reduce the road accidents and it can’t be just implemented on the small vehicles as it can be implemented on the heavy vehicles as well. Everyone should play the part in the road safety and Singapore Transport Association urge more transport and logistics to adopt such technologies in order to avoid the road accidents.

It is the best project launched by STA and they are trying every vehicle to get this thing so that it can become more secure and we all know that technologies are playing a vital role in our daily life and bringing the technology in the road safety is the best thing which we can get it easily and Singapore Transport Association is making this thing more easy for the Singaporeans travelers.





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