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The Taxi Companies in Singapore are modified for the ease of traveling and for the elegant rides for that purpose they have set the standards for it in which the driver would know the proper awareness about the driving.


Singapore taxis are fitted with the electronic meters in which it display the total fairs of the taxi and all the taxis have chilled air conditioning system which is the most pleasurable thing which you have to see in the Taxi Cars.


Mostly people choose to book Taxis from Taxi Companies for the perfect and comfortable rides and these all are 5-seater taxi cab including the drivers as well, you can also book 7 seater or 13 seater as per your need or if you are travelling in larger group so you may book these types of taxi cabs.

Most of the Taxi cabs have radio phones in which they have the conversation with their companies’ staffs for any query and booking and you can also book through GPS or digital voice dispatch.

Seat Belts Rules

The passengers have to wear the seat belts as per the Singapore law and without the seat belts there will be a challan of it and this law is stated properly in Taxi Companies.

Diesel or Petrol

Most of the Singapore Taxi Cabs run on diesel fuel or petrol fuel, and some of the Singapore Taxi cab used the compressed natural gas (CNG) and they stated that through this they can easily save many thing.

Total Fleet

The total fleet of Taxis in Singapore is about 25,000 and it is increasing day by day which is the good sign to see and they are developing that thing more accurately so that it can easy to have a taxi ride and daily trip estimated for Taxi in Singapore is about 588,632 these numbers are the biggest thing which you have to discover as the Singapore population is increasing and people are motivated towards Taxi Cab.

There are many Taxi Companies the most famous are as follows:

Comfort Taxi

The comfort taxi was founded in 1970 Comfort Transportation was then known as the Workers Co-operative Commonwealth for Transport Limited and they were aiming to provide the taxi drivers with the proper profession and better life as there were many facilities which were related to the drivers and they were satisfied with this services. It started it services with 1000 taxi cabs and then it present the fleet of 15,000 taxis and the numbers were adding into it with more proper ways of it and it then become the largest Taxi Companies with the adjoin of two companies. They have the various types of the vehicle in which the top brands cars are also available for your services and customers can easily book the taxi cab according to the requirement and need of it.


The CityCab was jointly owned by ComfortDelGro the most known company of the Singapore and having a lots of fleet vehicles. The CityCab was formed in 1995 and it was founded by the merger of the three taxi operations, namely Singapore Airport Service, Singapore Bus Service and Singapore Commuter Pte. After merging these three they founded the Taxi Companies. CityCab currently operates the fleet of about 5000 taxis in Singapore. These all taxis are connected wirelessly with the taxi using GPRS technology into it and they also have the mobile data terminals. They try to cater 20 million booking annually.

SMRT Taxis

SMRT taxis are providing the vast variety of taxi transport services island-wide and they are recommended as the premier public transport service provider in Singapore. They have 3000 taxis at your services and you can pick any one of it according to your standards. They have the most comfortable taxis having many new features in it and you will definitely like the ride of SMRT Taxis and they also have the proper fleet management. Thus, this is also the best Taxi Companies.


This cab was incorporated in April 2003 and they also have the taxi operation licence in August 2003. Their motive is to provide you the quality services and you will experience the excellence of it while riding into it many people have shared their experienced regarding this cab and they are encouraging more users to have a comfortable ride with them. They have the best fair as compared to other and you can also book by calling on the number and the operator would guide you further more for it and they will confirmed your ride in three minutes people recommend this as a best Taxi Companies.

Premier Taxis

They have various types of vehicle and mostly are of the highly brands and they have variety of 4 seater cabs for you and it will be a pleasurable and luxurious ride which you will experienced through Premier Taxis. They have also the large amount of fleet management and they always try to maintain their vehicle on the daily basis through which they maintain the quality and standards through the services which they try to provide you and you can’t met such standards with any other taxi transport services. Taxi Companies are playing a vital role in providing a quality services to the customers and they are satisfied with this thing.

Airport Transfer Limousine

This is the newest players in the Singapore but they are competing with the giants of the market as they are providing the quality service as other providing and they are also maintaining the price of it and all the fairs are estimated as the reasonable ones and they have 7 and 13 seaters cabs in which you can find many varieties of cars having proper maintain and they have also the Limousine services for the customers in which they are providing a luxurious ride to the customers and many customers are satisfied with the ride and they wish to order it again and again they have also the largest fleet management in which they display their proper skills, these Taxi Companies have maintain the standards in transport services.





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