Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence Singapore

The Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence is not an easy task to do as the driver have to undergo many test and after completing those test the licence will be issued.

The following are some necessary things through which you can get the licence and those things are that you should be at least 30 years old for making the licence. You should be the citizen of Singapore holding the pink NRIC, you should have a valid class 3/3A Singapore driving licence and that should be for the continuous period and it must be at least one year at the point of application to make sure for the Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence Singapore.

The most important thing is that you must be able to speak and read the Basic English as well and it has become the mandatory thing for the licence and you must be having these requirements to qualify for it.

Procedure To Apply for Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence Singapore

The procedure is very simple and you can easily apply to the vocational licence and for that first you have to download the application form or pick up a copy form through the website and it is easily available there. You have to submit that form in Land Transport Authority information counter and you can access some more information through it and you can easily submit the completed form and the documents which are attached with it to Land Transport Authority office at 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore.

Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence Singapore have ensure everything for the users so that they don’t have any confusion regarding the things. Secondly they have to do the medical exams in which the medical test will be done. Once your approval is done for the vocational driver then you may undergo the complete medical check-up and chest x-ray. This can be done through any clinics which is more suitable for you.

For the Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence Singapore the third step is to undergo the training courses which are mention into Singapore Taxi Academy and you can learn many things through their websites as they have mention the proper dates of the courses and time is also mention into it. The course cost $275 including other course material, and it have 3 papers and it takes 25 hours to complete this test.

Through this three steps you can get the vocational licence for the taxi driver as you have to take regular classes to pass in the exams.

Course Objectives of Vocational Licence for Taxi Drivers

The main objectives of course is to ensure the proper training of the taxi drivers in which the combination of classroom coaching and self-study programme is the combination in which the taxi driver have to participate in it. Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence Singapore aims to have the best taxi drivers in the town by having these assessment they can learn many other things which are related to driving and obstacles. Taxi drivers have to undergo many test and by completing the programme and passing all the tests which are prescribed into it then they will issued the taxi driver vocational license by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA).

Trainee will be able to learn many consequences and through that thing they will earn the proper living by providing a professional chauffeured car service using Taxi that is licence by Land Authority Singapore and every customers will be satisfied with their services and by having Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence Singapore they will have the proper sense of driving the taxi cars.

First you have to get the approval from the Land Authority Transport to attend the vocational licence course and the approval is the mandatory thing, if you don’t get the approval so you can’t attend the licence course. Trainee will undergo the medical fitness test by the certified doctor in which the VL medical examination report and Chest X-Ray examination report will be submitted and this is also the necessary task to do. You must be aware about the GCE N or O level English Grade D7 or above because they have kept that thing so that licence holder can easily communicate in the English.

Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence Singapore have schedule the courses for the trainee and the schedule is mention below:

  • You have to meet the standard of completing 25 hours in which 16 hours are for classroom and other 9 hours are for self-study.
  • There are two modules in which 8 hour classroom per module.
  • There is full-time course as well in which you have to meet the requirement of 2 days/8 classroom hours per day.
  • The part-time course which is relay on 8 days and you have to meet 2 classroom hours per day.
  • 20 numbers of trainee are allowed in the class it’s the minimum quantity it can exceed to 25 trainee as well.

Trainee must attend all the lessons which is set by Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence Singapore and they have to complete the class exercise before proceeding to the prescribe test so that they can get as much learning as they can and for that they can also do self-study or they can ask any instructor if they have any query regarding this thing.

Course Assessment

In this assessment three papers are prescribed for the trainee.

  • Paper 1- In this paper service quality, Health and Safety question would be ask in the shape of MCQ’s.
  • Paper 2- In this paper Taxi and Private Hire Car Rules and Regulations question will be asked in MCQ’s.
  • Paper 3- The route planning question would be asked into it.

All these paper consist of 1 hour or 40 minutes and you have to complete the assessment which is set by Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence Singapore in the given amount of time so that you may easily succeed into it.

The cost has been mentioned on the website and you may go through everything into by reading this article and you may have the proper idea of it and you just have to prepare hard for the assessment to pass the exams and once you passed the exams so you can earn more through the taxi car and it will be good enough for your living. So try harder to get the Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence Singapore.


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