Taxi Operator Licence Singapore

For setting up taxi service company in Singapore so you must apply for the Taxi Operator Licence Singapore in order to have the access of it and you may easily run the taxi company and you may get this licence from the Land Transport Authority (LTA). There are some standards which are define for such things in which they can easily apply for the licence for the taxi car and if they don’t meet the standards so their licence would be cancelled and they should also follow the requirements which are define for it and rules are cited for the road traffic in which these things are compliable and they have to follow the rules as well.

Uber and Grab

Private car operators should ensure to have the Taxi Operator Licence Singapore such as Uber and Grab they should have the proper licence for the transport services. They also have to display the prominent decal identifying the car they are using for the private hire and they should be as proper as it is declined under the law passed in parliament.


If their drivers tries to flout the rules for three or more times in a year so they will be suspended for up to a month or more so all Taxi Operator Licence Singapore should be aware of this policies and they make sure for this thing in avoid the convenience for this thing. They can also be fined up to $10,000 if their drivers don’t have the proper licence so for this thing they have to make sure everything and check the licence of the drivers otherwise they will charge the huge amount and to avoid this thing they have to follow the rules.

Procedure of Applying for Taxi Operator Licence

The procedure is very simple and steady for applying to Taxi Operator Licence Singapore.

  1. You may ensure that they application form should be submitted together with all the necessary things and documents which are required to it and fees is ($500) payable to the Land Transport Authority address and you can easily find the address on the internet and you may send the fees and documents to them.
  2. The sections which are assured in the application form in Schedule A must be completed properly, unless otherwise indicated. You may also append the additional sheets of paper to the applicant form if there is insufficient space available on the sheets for applying of the Taxi Operator Licence Singapore.
  3. You may also submit the following documents.
  4. If you are partnership with any other company, limited partnership or limited liability partnership so you may send the latest copy of the accounting and corporate regulatory authority the information which is fitted in the computer or you can share the business profile and it should be one week before the applicant date and these all documents should be submitted if you are having partnership.
  5. For having a company or corporation for having such things so you may provide the proper details for applying the Taxi Operator Licence Singapore. You may submit the latest copy of the accounting and corporate regulatory authority the computer fitter information and the business profile of one week later. You may also give the proper certificate true copy of the Memorandum of Association under which the company is incorporated. It also need the director resolution in accordance of the memorandum and it is enclosed in Schedule B, Power of Attorney is required in accordance of the memorandum which is enclosed in Schedule C.
  6. Land Transport Authority will evaluate the Taxi Operator Licence Singapore application based on the criteria and these criteria should be fulfilled more properly and they are as follows:
  7. The proper track record of the applicant in which all the things are displayed more properly.
  8. If the applicant have the well-developed strategy in operating the taxi business so they may also display this thing, which will be supported by the business plans and it will include the detail about the assessment of the economic viability of business.
  9. The applicants may also provide the safe and efficient service plans which they are trying to maintain it for Taxi Operator Licence Singapore and they may also ensure the standards which they are trying to focus on it and the quality of service which they are providing. The applicant should spell out everything which they are trying to do it and they should also provide the service philosophy, customer’s service plans and marketing strategies as well.
  10. The funding plans of the applicant.
  11. They may also share the organizational structure as well and board members’ details as well.
  12. Any other information which is related to it.
  13. Applicants should follow and bond of the Taxi Operator Licence Singapore terms condition, commitments, offers, presentations, proposal, effective planning and obligation which are marked into it and these all things are stated into the application and they should try to follow them more properly. Applicant may use their proper efforts in order to provide the information and representation which is submitted in their applicants are more accurate and correct as well, if finding anything irrelevant to it so they will cancel your licence so try to make it more perfect in all aspects. If you want to change any information for the Taxi Operator Licence Singapore applicant form so you may immediately notify Land Transport Authority for this thing so that there should be any consequence of this things and you may take the immediate action for this thing. You may provide the essential information to Land Transport Authority according to your services and Land Transport Authority will reserves the right to reject applicant forms which are incomplete.
  14. LTA have the rights to request you the additional information and you may provide that information to Land Transport Authority and the approval of the application will be redirected by LTA and they will give you the direction for this thing and by having all these things you can apply for the licence.





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